Handcrafted in Yorkshire

Our amazing tastes come from taking the most care and spending the most time. The finest ingredients expertly blended helps too. Nobody makes pastry like Yorkshire Baker.

Perfect pastry needs the very best ingredients, combined in exactly the right way by bakers who really know their craft. Perfect pastry also needs time and at Yorkshire Baker we make sure our pastry gets all the time it needs at every stage of the bake.

Gill Ridgard, the original Yorkshire Baker, says, “We use the best ingredients, prepared and cooked the best way.”

Yorkshire Baker builds on the finest baking traditions to create exciting, innovative food experiences; so we respect tradition but we’re not slaves to it. There are lots of wonderful Yorkshire traditions but Yorkshire Baker isn’t one of them. Our tradition is innovation with the very best quality.

Don’t take our word for it, try our pastries.

Handcrafted in Yorkshire