Scotch eggs

Hugely popular, and super-generous in size, our scotch eggs are a retro classic. Made in the traditional way with finest pork sausage meat carefully wrapped around a hard-boiled free-range egg then dipped into seasoned breadcrumbs for a crisp, flavoursome coating.


Three eggs to choose from:

Classic Pork

Local, free-range egg, hard-boiled and carefully enveloped in pork shoulder, caramelised onions, fresh herbs and seasonings. Adds a touch of class to any packed lunch.

Pork, Black Pudding and Apple

Delicious black pudding, combined with finest pork shoulder and cubes of tangy Bramley apple are wrapped around hard-boiled free-range eggs. A crisp, light coating of fine breadcrumbs, seasonings and blitzed black pudding make it the ‘Black Puddin-lover’s passion.

Pork, Cheddar and Bacon

Mature cheddar and smoked bacon with fresh pork shoulder, herbs and seasonings conspire to make this a super-tasty scotch egg. Rolled in fine breadcrumbs and herbs, then deep-fried for a ddelicious  crispy, crunchy coating.