Gourmet sausage rolls

Deep filled with British pork and lightly seasoned with fresh herbs.

Perfect all butter puff pastry with a delicious filling of ground British pork, dry-cured smoked bacon and caramelised onions with a hint of seasoning, fresh herbs and subtle spices. Truly moreish!

Which one will you roll with?

Pork and Apple Sausage Roll

Delicious bramley apples and succulent British pork have always got on great. Rolled together in all-butter puff pastry and they’re unbeatable.

Pork and Leek Sausage Roll

Pork with leek – the vegetable much-loved by the Welsh. There’s lovely.

Pork and Pepper Sausage Roll

Perfect pork and a pinch of pepper. Let’s roll.

Original Pork Sausage Roll

The rock of our rolls.

Cheese and Onion Roll (v)

A traditional meat-free alternative.

Mediterranean Vegetable Roll (v)

A succulent veggie roll with flavours from the Med.

Pork, Black Pudding and Apple Roll

Whoever said that black pudding was confined to a northern breakfast needs to have their horizons expanded a bit. These are borderline posh.

Hog Roast Roll

Roast hog. In a roll. Imagine…

Goat’s Cheese and Spiced Root Vegetable Roll (v)

We believe that simply telling your friends that they are eating these will make them love you more.

Pork with Mature Cheddar and Bacon Roll

When the Yorkshire Baker suggested that a sausage roll could have bacon in it, we gave her a funny look. Then we tasted it.

Turkey, Bacon and Cranberry Roll

Enjoy a little bit of Christmas any day of the year. You don’t need to deck the halls.