Gourmet sausage rolls

Deep filled with British pork and lightly seasoned with fresh herbs.

Perfect all butter puff pastry with a delicious filling of ground British pork shoulder, dry-cured smoked bacon and caramelised onions with a hint of seasoning, fresh herbs and subtle spices. Truly moreish!

Which one will you roll with?

Pork and Apple Sausage Roll

Delicious succulent British pork is complimented by crisp Bramley Apples and caramelised onions. Lovingly enveloped in all-butter puff pastry, they’re unbeatable.

Pork and Leek Sausage Roll

Finest British Pork with roasted leeks and caramelised onions – a truly classic combination

Pork, Red Pepper and Sweet Chilli Sausage Roll

Pork shoulder with red peppers, a sweet chilli kick and a pinch of pepper enveloped in whisper-thin layers of all-butter puff pastry.

Original Pork Sausage Roll

All-butter puff pastry encasing delicious pork shoulder, bacon and caramelised onions,  seasoned generously with fresh parsley, sage, thyme and coriander make our Original Pork Sausage Roll a divine classic.

Cheese and Onion Roll (v)

A traditional meat-free alternative. Sweet caramelised onions with mature cheddar and seasoning.

Mediterranean Vegetable Roll (v)

Freshest vegetables, seasoned and roasted, then folded gently with tangy Feta cheese to give a taste from the Mediterranean, gently encased in crisp layers of all-butter pastry.

Pork, Black Pudding and Apple Roll

Delicious pork shoulder combined with rich Black Pudding and sharp, tangy apples.

Hog Roast Roll

Succulent pulled pork with pork sausage meat, tangy Bramley apples, fresh herbs and spices – all rolled in the finest puff-pastry and dusted with tasty Pork Crackling shards

Goat’s Cheese and Spiced Root Vegetable Roll (v)

Sweet potato, butternut squash and a host of root vegetables seasoned, roasted and carefully folded with creamy Goat’s Cheese, all encased in the finest puff pastry, then liberally sprinkled with parsley, chilli flakes and mustard seeds. Delicious ……….sweet and spicy!

Pork with Mature Cheddar and Bacon Roll

Delicious pork shoulder with smoked bacon and mature Davistow cheddar, carefully enveloped in all-butter puff pastry and topped with crispy cubes of smoked bacon.

Turkey, Bacon and Cranberry Roll

Sweet, sharp cranberries with delicious smoked bacon are added to fine pork shoulder and wrapped in premium all-butter pastry to make the perfect seasonal treat – but you can enjoy a little bit of Christmas any day of the year.