Gourmet Range of Pork Pies


The finest traditional pork pie – butter-enriched pastry, lined super-thinly to create a lighter, crisper eat and packed with even more flavours and goodness. Available in three super sizes – the mini, the generous individual and a 550g pie that’s perfect for sharing platters.

Six Fabulous Gourmet Varieties

Original Pork Pie

Our traditional recipe of herbs, spices and seasonings blended carefully with pork shoulder to create a delicious classic pork pie.

Hog Roast Pork Pie

Delicious pork shoulder with succulent pulled pork and tangy Bramley apples combined with fresh herbs and seasonings, packed into butter-enriched, hot water crust pastry and topped with tasty shards of pork crackling.

Black Pudding & Apple Pork Pie

Deliciously rich black pudding meat, lovingly combined with pork, apple, fresh herbs and seasonings. topped with milled oat and black onion seeds.

Ham & Cheese Pork Pie

Full of flavour – mature cheddar and succulent smoked bacon with pork shoulder, herbs and spices. Packed to the brim in fine hot-water-crust pastry.

Chilli Jam & Ham Pork Pie

A spicy twist on the original – pork shoulder with special dry-cured smoked bacon and sweet chilli, dusted lightly with chilli flakes and herbs.

Chicken & Lemon Pork Pie

Perfect for summer picnics as a cold-eating pie. Hot water crust pastry, enriched with butter and lemon zest, packed full to the brim with pork shoulder, British chicken and fresh herbs and seasonings.