Yorkshire Baker News: Special offers

Halloween limited edition range

Don’t go out after dark this Halloween.

Well, not without a Yorkshire Baker hot sausage roll inside you.

To join in all the spooky fun this Halloween, Yorkshire Baker has created a range of frozen pastries all ready for you to cook from frozen and enjoy piping hot straight from the oven. Enjoy the ‘Dracula’ beef and tomato sauce pie, a scary finger buffet of ‘Thing’ mini sausage rolls with realistic-looking¬†fingernails or a ‘Wicked Witch’ pasty with spellbinding ingredients and broomstick or cauldron motifs.

Fortify yourself with a Yorkshire Baker Halloween treat, no tricks, or add a spine-chilling twist to your party food.

Proper food handcrafted in Yorkshire

Filled with delicious hearty ingredients

Perfect pastry rolled, rested and rolled again

Time is our secret ingredient